Overall Evaluation for Photography 1: Express Your Vision.

Since this is the first course of BA Degree Path in Photography I didn’t know what to expect. After my first assignment called “The Square Mile” I was feeling very positive that I have made the right decision. But later during the course I got the impression that it was more “Express Your Tutor’s Vision” rather than “Express Your Vision”. I felt that my tutor and I were not on the same page and whatever I did was not very productive. Apart from The Square Mile the rest of the assignments are left more to the imagination and whatever vision I had it was always the “wrong one”. Half way through the course my tutor changed and this is when I felt better again. I am happy with the constructive criticism that I received from my last two feedbacks. I also feel that the amount of research recommended by tutor has decreased and I can fit that better around my schedule.

I feel like I have learn a lot although I would have liked a little bit more of the technical approach not only artistic. I have progressed with my photography skills but my visual skills have to be improved.

I have also learned about different photographers and the way they worked. Overall I am happy with the course.  The only thing left now it to put that knowledge into practice.

Exercise 1.3

Exercise 1.3

Following my tutor’s feedback for The Square Mile I did some research yesterday and went shooting today to keep the momentum going:) I looked at Stephen Shore’s website               (stephenshore.net) and I particularly liked the album “Ukraine”. I also found a couple of interesting ideas in his Instagram photos. There was one image taken from the very tall building which shows the depth of field very well. I thought of using this idea to take some photographs for exercise 1.3 but went with something different in the end.

I had a few ideas on how to approach the exercise which I have written on the piece of paper but was not happy with either of them. They were: vineyards, port, train station, motorway from the bridge and staircase at work. After some serious thinking I didn’t know how to develop them any further.

I decided to take the least amount of risk and was on my way to the train station and I came across this school. It was a little bit of “Eureka” moment as I pass this school every day and had barely noticed it.  There was also an empty space for bikes (bike park??).

As suggested by my tutor I went out a little bit of my confront zone and decided to shoot in colour.

I also downloaded the two books my tutor suggested but I am currently running out of time to read them:/

On the plus side I finally wasn’t shooting in my garden 🙂

First blog post

My name is Marta and I am 32 years old. I am originally from Poland but I
lived in Jersey for a while and I also have British nationality.

I live in Switzerland with my husband and 15 month old daughter.  I work
in banking and whilst I still enjoy it  I am a keen amateur photographer.

I would like to obtain BA in Photography and this is just the first step.
My options for a degree here are limited as I don’t speak French yet but I think it would be nice to have a back up plan in case one day I decide to quit banking industry:)

My only experience being taught is a one day workshop here in Switzerland
with a photographer, Olivier O’Hannon, where he covered a little bit of
theory in the morning and we did some shooting in the afternoon.

Unfortunately I didn’t take the picture above but I can’t seem to remove just yet :/